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sâmbătă, 18 decembrie 2010

"Naruto44355, how can you download videos from nico nico douga?"

This is one of the most frenquently asked questions by the vocaloid fans all around the world. I've been asked this question, and I'm sure that many other people uploading vocaloid songs were asked the same thing. And today, without any money or favors, I'll be telling you how to download videos from NND!

First step:
Of course, downloading videos from NND isn't as easy as download videos from YouTube. You'll need some programs to do so, but also a little patiency. And don't worry, I've been using these for 1 year and a half, and I've got no viruses at all!
First off, you'll need to download Mitter Toolbar.
Click here to download Mitter Toolbar for Firefox
Click here to download Mitter Toolbar for Internet Explorer

Second step:
Now that you've got the toolbar, you'll see near your search bar a black circle, which glows red when you watch a video (for example) on YouTube or NND. All you got to do is to click the red circle while the video is playing (or is on pause, doesn't matter), and the video will be saved as a .flv file. When clicking the red circle while on NND, the download may start a little slow, but don't worry, it downloads after a maximum 6 minutes.

Third step:
Now, I know that not everybody has a .flv player, and that alot of programs don't accept the .flv file, and that you want your video to have the best quality possible. So what to do then? Maybe you know that to say the format of a file, you just right click on the file, choose "Rename" and put the format you want at the end (for example, if you have a .flv file, you can click "Rename" and put .avi instead or .wmv etc.), but that doesn't work everytime, because the file may be too big, and the whole video would go to waste. That's why, you need Format Factory. Format Factory is a program that changes the file of videos, photos and mp3 files, and increases their quality.
Click here to download Format Factory (no internet required)

Hope all this information helped you. If you have any questions, visit my YT channel and put the question into the "Channel Comments" section, or comment to this post directly.
Have a nice day and enjoy your holidays! ^^

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