luni, 8 noiembrie 2010

[ GUMI ] "Green Straight" english and romaji subs!

Don't own anything!
[Author]: RaibuP
[Video]: Ciel
[Translation]: naruto44355

[ Kagamine Rin & Len ] "Parallelines" english & romaji subs!

This video is dubbed by Montea & Airi
Again, I don't own anything!
[Author]: DATEKEN
[Illustration]: cotamota
[Vocal]: Montea & *Airi
[Original Vocals]: Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len
[Movie]: aska96
[Translation & Romaji]: naruto44355
[NicoDouga link]:
[Original PV]:
[Original MP3]:

Hatsune Miku - "Love is war" english & romaji sub!

This is actually not translated by me, but by moetron-subs:
Video Download Link:
Made by: Ryo / supercell

Monday, 8th of November!

 Today, is actually the blog's "birth"! I hope you'll find crucial information here about what you need to know, and I hope it will also help you :D. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. Contact details: